Happy Flowers

A day with friends. A model that likes to change facial expressions, a couple of clothes and a beautiful living room.


In her daily life Farina is a successful Hair- and Make-Up Artist for team Musitwoski. After a production day we decided to take some portraits and change only a little bit of the lighting. We were inspired and produced the cover for another Issue of Sheeba Magazine.

Rosé Home

Soft tones, freckles, slight movement, a couple of flowers in the scene. The most important aspect are the emotions.

Elléments Magazine

Published in Ellements Magazine in 2016. This series of different hairstylings was brought to life as a pre-production for upcoming commercial projects.


As part of our christmas editorial, Carina Musitowski created an awesome Style with fake-fur worn by our two stunning models. Spending the whole day in the studio resulted in over 20 different outfits and variations.

Sheeba Magazine

Working with model Samira from Mrs. Gravedigger Latex is an awesome experience. She is a model and Latex-Designer, creating unique one-of-a-kind dresses with fashion-flavour that fit perfectly. With a headpiece from Ana-Lora we had our long awaited cover for Sheeba Magazine in 2015.

Natalie Rosé

Two shooting days with model Natalie allowed to create a lot of different perspectives and approaches to show the various facettes of Natalies personality. She is fragile but still very confident.