A fresh start as Hartmut Nörenberg

Why it feels better to use my real name as a photographer

I spent the last years working as a photographer under a pseudonym. On the one hand side it was a great start into the business and I got in touch with a lot of wonderful people, on the other hand side nobody knew my real name. After a whole bunch of free projects I began to earn money with my passion. Working under another name felt like protection from other people harming me and writing comments below my images, I was not prepared for. Leaving the comfort-zone was overdue and using my real name is a logical step.

“I am Hartmut Nörenberg!”

Whats next

Hundrets of shootings, thousands of pictures and countless days in front of the computer later, I don’t feel afraid anymore. With a good team, a huge network of talented artists that can support me on my upcoming, jobs and a very good feeling, I have been uploading a lot of new content to my website. In the next weeks I will also add some old picture-sets and editorial projects from magazine and client-shootings. Maybe the images are older, but they are still precious shots and got me where I am right now. From time to time I will also update my Social Media Channels and photography-websites with new content that maybe come to this website much later or will be never published here. If you don’t want to miss my uploads then follow me on my social media channels.

Maybe it is the wrong place here, but I want to say a huge thank you to all my assistants, stylists, hair- and make-up artists, designers, models and my family. I will carry on. Thank you for letting me dream big.

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